12th June 2017


Testomonial By: Rachel Fell

Date Created: 26-05-2017

Guido is not only an amazing mediator but, person as well.  He is friendly and kind.  Brings a sense of humour to break the tension filled atmosphere between parties.


He is serious about his mediating and takes great pride in what he does.


He explains everything until it is understood and does not put pressure on you to make any sudden decisions. He is calm and patient.


One thing that stands out for me, is that he is brutally honest – not to hurt you but, to highlight the truth and reality of life and the situation at hand.  He does not sugar coat anything to seem sweeter that what it is. 


He provides great advice. A man of knowledge and wisdom. 


He makes you feel calm and at ease.


He keeps in contact with you to see how you are coping and provides comfort and support. 


Guido does not just assist with what you need assistance with but, rather goes the extra mile to ensure your safety, comfort-ability and contentment.


Definitely would recommend him to family, friends and other people.