8th June 2017


We have identified a lack of support and guidance in our community in respect to the more and more tragedies afflicting our families.

Our Mission is to be there.

Our Mission is like a lighthouse, to provide a beacon of light in the darkness of the darkest moments.

Our Mission is to give a voice to a mute scream of desperation.

Our Mission is to give words, when words were never spoken. A moment of weakness does not define one’s life.

Our Mission is to ensure that abused women will be abused no more.
Providing protection following our legal system and, when needed of a safe house. Providing the emotional support from trained Councillor and the voice of who was there before.

Our Mission is to open our arms to recovered addicts with guidance and support, during the most important and delicate period: the integration into society.

Through self sustainable fund raising, we will not only raise funds but build the foundations needed for the future: accountability, responsibly and hard work.

Our Mission is to be there as trained family mediators, to safe guard the right of both parents and ensure that the best interest of the children are paramount.

That fair and just arrangements are in place according to the current South African Law and Children’s Act.

We will strive to provide the most fair outcome avoiding, where possible unnecessary and over whelming costs.

From the community to the community, from people to people, from parent to parent from son to son we are a friendly voice in a non friendly environment, we are a warm heart in the freezing winter of your journey.

We are a beacon in the dark……. your light of Hope!


The Vision Statement

Imagine a place where you are don’t feel lost, labelled, judged but rather embraced, accepted and understood.

Imagine a place where your problems are no different than anyone around you.

Imagine a place where your fears are just like everyone else’s.

That place now has a name, standing high, tall, and proud … welcome to our Lighthouse.

Our vision is to bring justice, peace, comfort and solutions to as many people as possible. No more staring at your failure but we will be there witnesses your success.

We are not there to help you because we know better but because we were there before you.

We tried, we failed but we got up and tried again

We don’t want your children to suffer as much as ours did, we don’t want you to feel alone as we did and if we could change ones person’s life this will be one less soul wandering in the streets of our community.