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Services WE Offer

Food And Clothing Aid

We Help Families And Individuals In Need Of Food And Clothing Donations. Support And Aid In These Dire Circumstances Is Needed In Our Community Today.

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Addiction Recovery

We Believe All Recovering Addicts Deserve A Second Chance. Through Therapy and Counselling, We Hope To Aid Former Addicts On The Road To Recovery.

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Abuse Counselling

Women And Children Who Have Been Abused Need A Safe Haven To Rebuild Their Lives, Counselling Is Also Provided To Ensure The Victims Of Abuse Garner A Sense Of Self Belief.

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Seperation Aid

When Families Are Seperated Through Divorce, Both Parents And Kids Are In Need Of Guidance. As Trained Family Mediators, We Will Do Our Best To Ensure A Peaceful Transition For All Parties Involved.

Section 33 Assistance

Involuntary Admission To Rehab. We Assist The Family In Obtaining A Court Order To Admit To A Rehabilitation Center. This Is To Help Siblings In The Spiral Of Addiction And Do Not Want To Help Themselves.

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Our Mission Statement
Helping People In Need Is Our Priority

We have identified a lack of support and guidance in our community in respect to the more and more tragedies afflicting our families. The horror and desperation surrounding abused woman, difficulties of the labelling of addiction when fully recovered. The fear, shame and loneliness of parents and siblings when a loved one falls in the downward spiral of addiction. The confusion of untying the family law when separating. We are a beacon in the dark....... Your light of Hope!

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